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So. Last Wednesday, I was taking a shower when I tripped over the water pipe, slipped, and knocked my head against the shower head in a battle of…the heads. Needless to say, my head survived, but the shower’s…not so much.


Yes, I broke it. Because that is just what I do; I break things. Including my own mind.

You probably haven’t noticed, but the posts on my other blog, Idesoflife, have been all put under private. And here’s the reason why: I just couldn’t handle the nice people on the internet. Yes, you’ve read correctly. The nice people. I thought I could, but I couldn’t, and I had a complete meltdown on Thursday night, the kind with wheezing and sobbing and suicidal thoughts and thinking that my life was over, so I called my BFF (THANK GOD FOR MEL) and asked her to help me delete the blog. But because there were a lot of unsaved poems, we ended up making it ‘private’ instead, at least until I have enough time to save all the posts and delete it altogether. If you are following me on that blog, please feel free to un-follow because I am going to take it down when I am ready. I’m very grateful for everyone who has been so kind to me, people like Bo and Tony, but for now, I think it would just be better for me to get off my poetry-inducing blog, and concentrate on getting better mentally.

So, with that, this would probably be my last post over here for a while. Or not. Maybe I will just keep writing about my glamorous life. But til then, adios amigos!




P.s: I know you can’t tell from this ambiguous post, but the fiasco with the shower head had nothing to do with my break down…or did it? Hmm.