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Things you will need:

1. The internet

2. A bunch of people who are around your age/younger than you are, and who are more successful/better looking/funnier/smarter/richer/Justin Timberlake/cooler/more interesting/more socially active/Jennifer Freaking Lawrence/more popular/who spend their lives helping others/people who look like Mother Teresa/skinnier/just better than you in general/Thor/Liam Hemsworth (although you need to be care about hating this one because his brother is Freaking THOR) ((Also, you can’t hate Thor either, because he has a really hot stomach and also because he will hammer you. Hard. ;D ))



1. Turn on the internet.

2. Spend 4 hours watching Youtube videos, reading online articles, and Googling the said people in Ingredient No. 2.

3. Buy yourself a few bottles of cheap wine and 100% fat chocolates, and have a pity party for yourself.

4. Wake up with a hangover the next morning, feeling even more of a failure, and repeat steps 1 to 3.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!