Several Stuff:

1. Happy One Yearnniversary to WordPress and I! (They didn’t give me anything, those cheap bastards.) Can’t believe it’s been a year since I started a blog that no one cares about!

2. I’m only blogging right now because I have to do some (freelance) work and I don’t want to. I would rather do anything than design stuff at 9:46pm on this lovely Tuesday evening, so here I am talking to myself. I’ve been extremely busy these past few days because cancer has been a bitch. Mom’s got an extra bad batch of chemo this time round and she’s practically bedridden and can’t really eat or sleep or do anything other than mumble a few words, so basically that means yours truly is busy trying wreck her tiny brain for ways to get dear mama to eat. But she’s loads better now so I’ve got some free time on my hands (time which should be spent on doing work but instead I’ve spent the entire evening reading Goblet of Fire and going on Tumblr).

3. Today, I also learnt that I stand corrected in my assumption that I am a nerd. I have been informed by the higher powers (okay, by that I actually meant Google and WikiHow, which is probably THE WORST website you should be learning things from) that I am, in fact, a geek. I arrive upon this splendid revelation due to one WikiHow article which states – and here I quote, “(a nerd) The general connotation is of an irritating, unattractive person who may be brilliant, but who chooses to focus on non-social pursuits. Another definition of “nerd” is a four letter word with a six-figure income.” As I have neither the brilliance nor the six-figure income, I have been forced to abdicate my nerd throne and descend into the geek realm which is, as I have been informed by same article, filled with people who are “generally very knowledgeable—even to the point of obsession—about a topic.”. This seems to be an apt description of moi as I have an embarrassingly wide knowledge about socially popular topics such as Harry Potter, Sherlock (the BBC version) and the several ways one could mutilate a person.

4. I am still procrastinating. It has been 24 minutes, it is now 10:13pm.

5. What do you call Jay-Z’s wife before they got married?

Answer: Feyonce.

6. I should get cracking on work. I really should. I have a big event at work tomorrow and I need to be on my toes for that. Literally. I’m a videographer.

7. I don’t really have a point, other than the fact that I’m a superstitious frickity-frack and I want to end on lucky number 7.


I hate Tuesdays,