It’s 070714 today, which makes it an extra special day. Read it in any manner, there’s no way to mess up the date and the month. (Yes, America I’m talking about your non-too-conventional way of MMDDYYYY-ing instead of DDMMYYYY-ing like the rest of the world.)

Here’s a list of things that comes in seven:
1. The Harry Potter books
2. Horocruxes that hold Voldemort’s souls (alright, so the final soul split itself two and lodged itself in Harry, which technically makes the eight fragment but I don’t care, Voldemort only wanted seven so I’ll only give it seven)
3. The number of players in a Quidditch team
4. The Seven Harrys, a chapter from the Deathly Hallows, in which there are…well…SEVEN HARRY POTTERS (Kudos to Daniel Radcliffe’s acting for this scene)
5. The number of years students attend Hogwarts
6. Seven ginger Weasleys (Fun fact: Ginny Weasley is the first girl born to the Weasleys in seven generation. She is the seventh child of Molly Weasley, who was the seventh daughter herself)
7. the number of times Harry fought Voldemort before killing him

Yeaaaaah. I might or might not have been rereading Harry Potter for the last three weeks so I might or might not be slightly more obsessed with the series than usual. Try and insult the series to my face right now, I dare you. I’d probably go off faster Blast-Ended Skewt.

Also, this entire post is crazy. I don’t know why I’m blogging instead of working, goodbye.