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…and the reason for that long title is none other than the object of my constant obsession…Harry Potter. (I almost said pizza but pizza would never make me cry.) 

Yesterday, I blogged about the series and today I received news that there is a new ‘chapter’ on the golden trio in the form of a Daily Prophet article by an odious animagus who goes by the name of Rita Skeeter. Thank you, God and Allah and Buddha and Every Other Being Out There, Including J K Rowling! In line with my narcissistic nature, I am going to assume that the world revolves around me and that the reason why the new chapter is up is because J K Rowling is obsessed with me and doesn’t want to see me live my life in peace and wants me cry over her wonderful creation every night for the rest of my life, an act which I would gladly do if it means that the HP series can continue. 

I love the article on Pottermore. I love it, I love it, I love it. Harry is an Auror with a new scar, Ron is balding, Luna is being Luna, Bill’s daughter is sucking face with Teddy Lupin, and I love it all. Seriously. I am just oozing love from my face right now. Okay, correction: most of the oil my face might not be from love but rather the cheeseburger I had for dinner BUT THAT DOES NOT LESSEN MY LOVE FOR THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER ANY LESS.

That is all, folks. Now I’m going to shut my computer and cry some more. 


P.S. I love the Pottermore article. 

P.P.S This blog post may sound slightly unnerving and stalkerish and psychotic but it is past midnight and my mind is addled. I will regret my spontaneous bloggings when I wake up more lucid tomorrow.