I am hungry

I have given up all hopes of being healthy, at least for this semester. I shouldn’t be surprised, but somehow, grad school is consisting of more cup ramens at 3am and screaming at my computer screen than I expected. And it’s only the second week of school. I’ve had more chicken nuggets and wings and onion rings in the past two weeks than I had in the entire year. Just last night, I ate an entire pack of pepperoni sausages. You know…those large packs meant for entire pizzas. As if that wasn’t enough, I had ice cream after. And then this morning, I woke up hungry and super tired and I cried because my stupid phone wouldn’t stop vibrating (it was set on alarm) and I tried to turn it off but the stupid thing didn’t work and it just sat there vibrating for a whole hour. I wanted to flung it against the wall but… money. Poor peasents like me can’t get angry the way rich kids in Korean dramas do. LOL

Although, I’ve noticed a pattern. I’ve been crying at small things ever since I was prescribed some pills to regulate my period. The other day, I was watching a dog video on YouTube and I started tearing up in the office because IT WAS SO SMALL!! WHy does dogs have to be so small and why is my life like this…

Also, how do people do relationships? I don’t even have the energy to shave my legs (I stood in the shower for a good 10 mins trying to muster up enough energy to bend down and do the deed but my arms decided it was another day’s work)…how does my classmates balance work and school and a bf/gf/husband/wife/partner and not DIE?! I suppose love conquers all…legs can go unshaven but love surpasses even the most tired of arms. When will I ever… T.T I blame it on Woobin. Or maybe So Ji Sub oppa? Or maybe Lee Jong Suk or one of the countless Korean men who has infiltrated my life. I can’t even see them now anyway. TT.TT

I just want the semester to be over so I can go back to doing nothing.


Fat, stressed and disheveled,




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