Ei Thei, almost 22 with a serious cat obsession. Part hood rat, part excited nerd. Frequent visitor to the ‘My Life is Disaster and I Need More Pizza and Fried Chicken’ club. I take my Gryffindor house status a little too seriously. 

Update: I am now almost 23.

Update 2: I am now almost 24. Funny how this works, huh?

Contact: idesoflife@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. And you know how Dinosaur piss tastes because…?


  2. because of my super fantastic imagination. Or not. I just tried really hard at imagining it.


  3. *shakes head* at “Mokney Droid,” with delight.


  4. oh and, say more about yourself here.


  5. Ahem..you mean your hufflepuff status?


  6. I keep telling you, I’m Gryffindor


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